2010 Vintage

2010 was the first year we felt the dramatic effects of poor pruning in 2008 (entirely our fault!) – the vines got infected with Eutypa and we had to cut out a lot of diseased arms. We replanted around 50 vines. The yield dropped to 1.2 tons. We picked with friends, changed our wine-making processes somewhat and bottled in April 2013

2010 Picking & Crush

We picked the 2010 crop in late October with a larger group of friends. We sorted the bunches superficially and dropped them into the destemmer which in turn dropped the berries directly into the fermentation tank.

Pressing in November 2010

We pressed our second vintage in November of 2010



First Racking in March 2011

Aran Healy and I racked the 2 barrels for the first time in March of 2011

Bottling in April 2013

David Fenyvesi and I mixed our two barrels in a new mixing tank and bottled them in April 2013


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Last updated: January 4, 2016