2013 Vintage

The 2013 vintage was outstanding in grape quality but again small in volume (only 1.1 tons) due to continuing Eutypa problems. We spent more time on bunch and berry sorting to reduce contamination and leverage the berry quality. This was the first year we measured phenolics during fermentation and cellaring.


Picking Grapes

We picked the grapes with a large crew of 16 in record time, about 90 minutes.

Bunch Sorting

We spent 2 hours sorting debris and mildewed berries out of the bunches. We used a new sorting table which however proved out to more of a bottleneck than an improvement



As usual, a great lunch prepared by Donna and the ladies as the rest sorted bunches


Destemming and berry sorting

We destemmed the bunches and sorted the berries after lunch 



For the first time we caught the juice dropping out on the vibration table with the intention to ferment it separately as rose. The experiment failed because the juice was too polluted.


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Last updated: January 4, 2016