2012 Vintage

The harvest on October 7, 1 ton,  was small due to the continuing Eutypa problems, so we bought additional Merlot grapes (0.75 tons) from Barghetto . To improve on the grape quality, we added bunch sorting tables before destemming, we added a vibration table after the destemmer to sort the berries and we used a new fermentation tanks which could be heated or cooled to better control the fermentation.

Harvest 2012

We harvested with a crew of 13


As usual, Donna prepared a great lunch for all



Bunch sorting

We upped the game by inspecting every single bunch and eliminating damaged and unripe berries and other debris

Destemming & berry sorting

We used a new vibration table under the destemmer to sort the berries; i.e removing damaged berries and MOG (material other than berries) from what came out of the destemmer. The vibrating table also moves the berries into the new temperature controlled fermentation tank

Pressing in December

We pressed in December moving the fermented must with a shute from the fermentation tank into the press



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